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Monstro and the Kelp Kids are my family and true passion.  They reflect all my life experiences and include all the people and material that have been introduced to me since I was a kid.  I am excited to share the news that the first Monstrinho clothing line will be displayed at Project in Las Vegas from August 20 – 22. We will be showcased alongside LA based jewelry designer and style jedi Jacqueline Nicole Brown owner of JNB Jewelry .  Please stop by and say hello, or if you are going to be at Project or Magic please contact us at

The Monstrinho collection consists of both adult and children clothing and is available in the online shop in a limited color palette.  The picture above is a glimpse of one of our Summer Tank Tops showcasing the character Fins.  As you can tell the ocean is always on his mind.  Be on the look out for new color and style releases as we cruise throughout the summer.  Thank you for visiting the site, I hope what you see brings a smile to your face.



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