Michael Amorillo Skateboard Release, Wall and Skate Jam at Bunger’s Skate Surf Shop NY 10/15/2011

Posted by Michael Amorillo & filed under News.

Just got back from working on a wall project for the good people at Bunger Surf and Skate Shop in Sayville, Long Island.  I teamed up with these guys over the summer to work on a project and design a special edition board. We released fifty of these boards this past weekend and Bunger put together a two day skate event starting with FiveBorough NYC demo.  The kids really brought it on both days, pushing each other to try new tricks and bust out some old ones. I am honored to be representing the Bunger family.  Thank you guys I look forward to seeing you all in December.  There are about ten decks remaining, so if you would like one for your collection contact Bunger’s http://www.bungersayville.com/

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